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Tate says… “Be good to the earth.”

Being Eco friendly is sooooooo CUTE!
One day in particular, I overheard Tate saying to her pug dog Gigi, who was chasing her chickens “Chickens are friends, not food.” Not that Gigi would ever hurt them, but it was more like our little black pug was dying for someone to play with. But it went right along with who Tate is becoming, moving away from meat, one kind at a time. First it was beef, then pork, and now turkey is “iffy.” I know one day she will probably go vegetarian, which is totally fine with us.
I have always accommodated for my vegetarian friends at dinner parties and bar-b-ques. Often I find myself skipping meat in many meals these days. But I also have the worst digestion system and stomach from years in advertising you know, LOL. She also is the one who inspired us to hang cloths outside to dry and recycle all our water bottles.
Tatham, better known as Tate, is a fun-loving teenager who loves to wear pendants and jewelry, fun t-shirts and wild colored flip flops all with a green element when she can. We are very proud of her!
That's our Girl!
When I started Middleburg Folk Art Studio I wanted it to be green to use recycled elements and paper, never wanting to hurt the environment, or me the person who was making it. Papier Mache is the the ultimate recycled material. The little apple (Tate) did not really fall far from the tree.
Our new series is all about being good to the earth, the environment and nature. Inspired by  Tatham and her love for animals, nature and being green. We created this new line of pendents, using her words in a lot of them.
Our new series featuring Animals.
My daughter Tate will also be helping to create them this summer while she is on break. She is a talented artist in her own right and a helpful joy to have around the Studio. Hope you enjoy our new jewelry pieces!

The whole staff needed to get in on the shoot last week on one HOT NC day!


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Middleburg has moved to the Coastal Carolina Plains!

Our Nehucky Farm

We are pleased to announce the big news in the world of Middleburg. We have moved South! Yes, 1000 miles away from Chicago, to a lovely old farm house in North Carolina. We bought the house in September and have been here now just about three weeks. My son will point to an old house every now and then and say “Mom, that looks like a fixer-upper for you.” Well honey, let me tell you, I got one of those. We have always wanted to fix up a house, I love the idea of bringing back something to it’s original grandeur.

The house, called Nehucky Farm was originally built circa 1880 as a simple 3 room structure. Over the years, it’s been added on to up to its current size, a 3000 square foot, two over two, 20th Century American farmhouse. It was the main house for a prominent local planter that at one time owned over 2000 acres.
What a girl won't do for a wood floor!

Today I’ll only tell you the pluses: Great high ceilings and big rooms, we are only 4 hours from our son in college, we look out on endless fields, we have huge pecan trees and great old boxwoods, two great barn/out buildings plus two others and 6 fireplaces. We have DSL in the country and don’t have to dial area codes any more! What more could a gal want…

And with all this, I forgot to say my husband Greg, who was born a southerner, has now joined the team full-time since July. He is a huge creative help, one of the few people who’s creative opinion that really matters to me.

I hope to add more soon about my Southern experiences, I’m really having a lot of fun. Oh and did I mention the weather is great? It’s been in the 70’s and 80’s all this past week!

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An Overachievers Diary…

It all started with a grand plan that got grander, pick up the son from college, do a show, build Mt. Vernon, have a historic jacket custom made, make a petticoat, a bum roll and 40 new pieces. Sounds like a weekend to me. Did I happen to say son is in Virginia, 700+ miles away, show is in Newport News another 200+miles, Mt. Vernon is being built from foam and sticks, and I have all the parts of the 40 pieces in the studio waiting for me to assemble. All in all I’m a optimist and feel everything you want can be done if you just try hard enough. Well we tried, through the down pours of rain here in Illinois we worked every weekend all weekend long, and still we failed. But failure should never detour one, you can learn so much, and just the effort of trying produces some great things!

Hubby is working like a madman these days at the real job, so the new historic line we are calling “Coach House Heritage” will launch slower than expected, some pieces are up on Etsy now and others we will be adding over the next week to our site and Etsy. It will feature pieces inspired from the mid 1700’s through the Civil War. Lots of new hard-stuffed, fabric pieces in very limited editions of 25, which are all hand-painted. Very classic papier mache pieces, soldiers with wired on arms, and pieces which combine papier mache with fabric in one piece.

We will be re-erecting Mount Vernon here some time in mid June and having a show right here on our studio grounds. I’ll post some dates and details soon so you all can come out.

But my trip to Virginia was great and wanted to share some wonderful parts with you all.

American in Paris–excellent antique shop, in Paris Virginia. Call first and the darling owner Carol will open it up to you. Paris, VA is a very small, quaint town nestled in the Blueridge Mountains. Here is their link so you can pre-shop,

The Red Fox Inn-a quick lunch and one of my most favorite places, located in Middleburg Virginia, which had to include peanut soup.

Oh yes and the boy child is now home and my family is all here again. And really, what more could one ask for?

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Handmade for the Cure

As an artist I have been thinking about this issue for over a year now and considering what I could do that was more than just making a donation. Knowing I’m just a little tiny voice who is here shouting and there are so many bigger voices shouting awareness. But all the voices coming together is only that much louder, that much stronger so that was my start. I know for me it was a matter of creating something bigger than me. A way to share my art, to hand-make something from my heart to give others a little hope, and extra ounce of courage, a smile or a feel-good moment. Art transcends so many things, the feeling I can bring to someone is always a driving force behind what I create. Winter for me is such a reflective time, while I’ve known of people who have been diagnosed, some who have survived, the impact in not personal..not yet. So I created these pieces so maybe we can offset it becoming personal, so that number of 1 in 8 people can go down.
So I’m proud to introduce my new line devoted to Breast Cancer awareness, “Handmade for the Cure”. Many of the pieces are customizable, I want everyone to feel they can contribute to these creations, to help them become personal to you and the ones you love.


We have decided to donate 20% of each piece sold to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. An excellent foundation that makes a difference for so many. We will be donating online after every sale. You will be able to go to our website and there will be a meter to indicate the amount that has been donated.

If you too would like to donate here is the link:


We encourage other artists to create original works and devote them to the awareness of the fight for the cure as well, and hope to share of of these with you soon.


My series Handmade for the Cure is available in my etsy shop:

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A Flurry of Good News

Something happened last week which I knew was coming but sorta came in flurry. I’m pleased to say we have hit another personal milestone on Etsy. We have over 300 sales!!!!! Last time I hit a mile stone I did 100 of my favorite sellers on Etsy. Sorry, this time I just don’t have the energy to do 300. But I do wish to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful customers on Etsy who have been very generous and bought from my little shop. 

I’m also pleased to announce that Etsy has selected Middleburg to be the Featured Seller on the front page starting at 1:00 p.m. EST on Friday, November 7th. We will be up for three days it seems. You can view my personal outrageous photo and read my interview. We will be listing new pieces and trying to make it fun for all of you who’s viewing. This is a total unexpected honor from Etsy, it’s not something you can buy, lobby for or get by being a high seller. As a shop owner it’s something you wish for, pray for and wonder why did that shop get it before me. But when it happens to you and you get that little convo, it’s like Christmas! 

When I got the e-mail last week, my immediate thought was OMG I need a new head shot, but them I remembered I’m an artist now not that corporate suit with the perfect hair and makeup. I thought what could I do that would be different, unique, something that pushed the creative envelope of the the Ho Hum head shot. I thought I want Annie Leibovitz to shot me, but she was booked…so I had to go with hubby. I wanted to be surrounded in my art, but not nessarly show you the flurry (my new favorite word) of chaos I work in. So here’s what we came up with, I’m showing you both photos my hubby shot of me this weekend! He was a dear to put up with my craziness. So we are having fun with this and hope you enjoy reading about my hopes, dreams and goals for my business and on Etsy!

A quick show announcement as well–We will be doing only 1 show for this Christmas season and here are the details. 

This is a one day show, The Winnetka Home Craft Show 

Thursday, December 4th from 11:00 am to 7:00 p.m..

283 Ridge Ave.

Winnetka, Illinois

(2 blocks South of Willow Rd and 2 blocks West of Green Bay Rd.)

At fellow artist Cindi Samaha home, 10 high quality artist will feature their wears, trunk show style. So stop by for the most perfect Christmas decorations and gifts to complete your lists.

And don’t forget to stop by my Etsy shop often this holiday season we are posting new items almost everyday!

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In a hop

Brown Rabbit
This is a total sneak peak at a new series I’m working on. Inspired by the love of antique toys. If you ever really look at what children used to play with it was simple, beautiful and required them to interact with the object.

Hence this new series–they are toy objects to interact with, but also make you smile. They are meant to look like something you would find in your great grandmothers attic. Constructed of things that were around the house maybe made by the mother and the father for a gift.

I’ll tell you a secret…there will be horses, dolls and cats to this series. Maybe some Americana too.

But anyway from Middleburg where inspiration is running rampant!
Oh and it’s just listed on etsy so check him out.<a href=’http://

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I’m late, I’m late, For a very important date…

One of my personal favorite rabbit quotes!
some of my favorites
We are so proud to introduce our new series for Spring we’re calling English Rabbit Society. It was fun to pretend and create this 12 piece collection of fanciful hares, lapins, and rabbits through history. Many of my influences come from Edwardian society. Lord and Lady Hare, the founding members–I had a great time sculpting and casting in paper mache. While other fun accessories include Carrot Garland, Society Eggs, Pin Cushion Rabbit, Tea-time Bunny and English Quote Carrots. Pop on over to to see the society in all its regal glory. There’s even a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) piece “What a Fine Hare Box” that I just listed, he was a lot of fun to create in his tails and ridding boots. The collection features lots of monograms and silhouettes. Things to hang on the wall and set on a shelf or find their way to your Easter table.

A Jolly Happy Spring to All!

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