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Overcome – Lets all send our support

Guest Blog By: Greyson Havens-Morris

Greyson wearing his three "O" pendent designs for gulf relief.

O is for our Oceans
It’s day 70 of the largest oil spill in U.S. history. It’s hard to believe it’s happening at this very second, to people and wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico; a sticky, toxic, black sludge consuming everything in an ever growing puddle hundreds of miles in diameter. We’ve been following this disaster since we heard about it in late April. My father, Gregory, was born and raised near Pensacola, Florida, a city directly affected by the oil spill. We have family and friends who live in the area, and have vacationed on the beaches there for decades.
Why is it so heartbreaking? “It’s like if you had a jar of sugar and you poured it all along the beach; that’s the natural color of the sand there. And the gulf water? It’s emerald green and it just sparkles,” My dad recites with fondness, while sanding off the wooden base of a cake topper here at Middleburg, “Or, it used too be.”
Unfortunately its gorgeous beaches are constantly becoming dirtier and dirtier each day. After hearing about authorities running more yellow tape along another quarter-mile of another Pensacola beach, 75 feet back from the water, we’ve decided to take our first step in helping overcome this bleak happening.
O is against the Oil
On June 15th the U.S. Government raised it’s estimate of the oil flow rate yet again, declaring that as much as 60,000 barrels of oil could be flowing into the Gulf every day. After 70 days of the mess, that’s the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill almost twice over.
It’s alarming to hear how much money is being lost by local businesses in the midst of what’s being called the nation’s worst natural disaster to date. Although my family understands why people are suggesting to boycott the oil giant and casting stones at who they believe is responsible– this ultimately won’t improve the situation. We all, as much as we wouldn’t like to admit it, depend on oil presently. Some of us have hybrid vehicles, but still depend on others who don’t own them yet. It seems to us here we’re all responsible, and need to do what we can to “overcome”, not just this spill, but oil in general.
O stands for OVERCOME
Here are our first three steps in a direction to an oil free gulf with these OVERCOME pendants. Each features a different form of Gulf sea life; the brown pelican, a school of fish, and great sea turtles all who are being affected. Each pendant is in the shape of an “O” to represent the ocean, oil and overcoming this disaster. “Overcome” comes from Martin Luther King Jr.’s poignant phrase “We shall Overcome!” and we as a country can overcome anything by uniting together.
In addition, 20% of each sale will go to one of the 6 organizations of your choice listed below:
Craft Hope –
Water Keeper Alliance – –
American Bird Conservancy –
Matter of –
The Nature Conservancy –

Also, I’d like to suggest three other artists who are doing what they can to help. Please check out their great work, and help support the beginning of an oil free tomorrow!

SAVE THE GULF alligator watercolor MATTED

Save Our Seas – 1/2 of the proceeds go to NWF’s Oil Spill Cleanup

Save the Gulf - Dolphin at Sunset on Womens Alternative Apparel tshirt




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An ode to a bluebird


This is our sweet Bluebird Wedding cake topper!

This is our sweet Bluebird Wedding cake topper!

Sometimes the simplest little things in life are the best. I’ve collected some fun facts about bluebirds here to make you happy:

In symbolism – the bluebird is the universally acknowledged sign of happiness, prosperity, good health, and arrival of Spring. The beautiful blue of its plumage is associated with the sky and eternal happiness.

Myth 1 – the Bluebird is a “man of laughter” and symbolizes happy love. I always knew they were good luck, but didn’t really know why. 

Myth 2: the Bluebird flutters around humans and reports back to the gods. It very well could be that the phrase “a little bird told me,” spawned from it.

So with all these lovely facts I hope my bluebirds keep bringing luck and happiness, where they are topping your wedding cake or just sitting quietly by on a shelf.
You can find a wide range of bluebirds in my etsy shop:

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Some Sweets for Spring


a sweet place to keep your treats

a sweet place to keep your treats

While my little Cup Cake Box seems to still be stealing the show, some fun NEW papier mache additions to this sweet line up include. A heavenly Cream Cake, a yummy Lemon Tart and a Strawberry Pillow with a very cute sugar top.
All are little boxes so you can keep your personal delights inside. These would also make a lovely way to take a gift to a friend this spring. Can you imagines showing up at a wedding or baby shower with one of these instead of the usual gift bag. 
For the Love of Tea!
I was going to simply tell you all about a wonderful tea shop that is carrying my work. But then I was skipping through the grocery store yesterday and low and behold on the cover of one of my favorite magazines is Crown & Crumpet! The yummy mix of sweets and treats caught my eye right there on Romantic Homes magazines March issue!
So we at Middleburg are so pleased to announce that Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon has a lovely selection of some of are newest pieces. This is a absolutely the most charming spot to slip tea and eat little treats. So if you find yourself in the San Francisco area soon please go stop by. Here is there website for more info:
I only wish they were closer so, because I would be a regular!

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It’s Good to be Green…even at your wedding

Sorta didn’t do a special posting on Earth Day because it’s like going to church because it’s Easter. But I did press paper (recycled) and even dumped my mop bucket water outside over a new little Ginkgo tree we just planted (using a biodegradable soap).

But today I got a total surprise and was featured on Vintage Indie’s Wedding Blog, Indie Wedding Guide. Just for being green. As I’ve noted before I started my company green even before it was all the ‘buzz,’ and I try all the time to improve or lessen our ‘foot print.’

Here is a little bit about our papier mache.
Middleburg is Green…it’s not just a saying, it’s truly the way we started. All of our papier mache pieces are made from 100% recycled ground newspaper. We just add water and a biodegradable binder. Our paints and glues are all made in the USA (we have checked)–not just beautiful, but smart too.

Also let me share one of my most recent projects, I am the lead on the Etsy Wedding Team. I’m such a sucker for a good wedding. And this is a group of very talented, quality shops on Etsy that create things for a beautiful hand-made wedding. So many do customizable items for the bride and the whole wedding I encourage you to check them out. Here is the ‘our blog’ link or just search on Etsy by inserting “Etsy Wedding Team” in the search window and all my team mates will pop up!

Find more great Etsy Wedding Team Shops on our blog:

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Chick, chick, chick


Well some great news to report…my house will be featured in the Spring issue of Country Sampler Magazine! The issue will be available around January 26. This was a lot of fun. They came out and shot three rooms: the breakfast room, part of my dining room, and living room. They added some of their props, but a few things came from my own collections and work.

Some of my pieces can be seen throughout like: the ‘Mrs. Garfield and the Java’s’ piece on the breakfast room shelf, and my sweet little spring ‘Chicks’ on the mantle in the dining room. Also, my pug dog VeeVee is in the dining room photo (She’s such a cutie!).

I also have to give a shout out to a ‘stuffed dove’ that’s in the foreground in the living room photo- that is the work of Ginny Henson. A talented folk artist here in Illinois I love, love, love her work and it was great fun to pair it with their bird house.

You have to understand, this is an old and small house. Four more people, extra equipment, vast number of lights and all the props they brought, was a challenge (but loads of fun none the less). I wanted to snap photos that day, but ‘hubby’ took his camera to work so sorry- no behind the scenes stuff. But the staff of Country Sampler was a delight to have over for the day.

And if your a retailer check out my ‘Chicks’ in Country Business Magazine too!

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The Santa Spirit

I could make Santa all year round, but especially now. Because for the next couple of weeks I feel like making Christmas and nothing else, I can’t get into the spirit in July when everyone smart is making back stock for the big season. So here are some Santas for the season.

Prim Santa $40
He’s a papier-mâché cutie, who hangs two!

Believe Santa $97
He simply is my favorite still!

Santa and His Reindeers $230
See a picture of this piece on the home page
Here’s to the big Guy, all papier-mâché sleigh, reindeers and Santa. Extra reindeers can be ordered at $30 each, because I’ve been told by someone close to me I don’t have the right number of reindeers

And because I’m in the Santa spirit of giving…Free Shipping.
E-mail me and say you saw your Santa here.

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