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Tate says… “Be good to the earth.”

Being Eco friendly is sooooooo CUTE!
One day in particular, I overheard Tate saying to her pug dog Gigi, who was chasing her chickens “Chickens are friends, not food.” Not that Gigi would ever hurt them, but it was more like our little black pug was dying for someone to play with. But it went right along with who Tate is becoming, moving away from meat, one kind at a time. First it was beef, then pork, and now turkey is “iffy.” I know one day she will probably go vegetarian, which is totally fine with us.
I have always accommodated for my vegetarian friends at dinner parties and bar-b-ques. Often I find myself skipping meat in many meals these days. But I also have the worst digestion system and stomach from years in advertising you know, LOL. She also is the one who inspired us to hang cloths outside to dry and recycle all our water bottles.
Tatham, better known as Tate, is a fun-loving teenager who loves to wear pendants and jewelry, fun t-shirts and wild colored flip flops all with a green element when she can. We are very proud of her!
That's our Girl!
When I started Middleburg Folk Art Studio I wanted it to be green to use recycled elements and paper, never wanting to hurt the environment, or me the person who was making it. Papier Mache is the the ultimate recycled material. The little apple (Tate) did not really fall far from the tree.
Our new series is all about being good to the earth, the environment and nature. Inspired by  Tatham and her love for animals, nature and being green. We created this new line of pendents, using her words in a lot of them.
Our new series featuring Animals.
My daughter Tate will also be helping to create them this summer while she is on break. She is a talented artist in her own right and a helpful joy to have around the Studio. Hope you enjoy our new jewelry pieces!

The whole staff needed to get in on the shoot last week on one HOT NC day!


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In great company…

Ever go to a party and find great people were invited? The conversation is stimulating, the guest have great interests separate form your own. Well found myself in a very similar place purely by chance yesterday in a treasury on Etsy, titled “a little touch of red” here is the link The curator of this one is another great artist herself. Everyone on the pages work is exceptional, I was very proud to be included. But also noticed I had selected all the same artist on my list of fav’s.

I’ve recently discovered the best way to shop on Etsy is through others shop favorites, it’s like getting a tip from a girlfriend about a great new store in town. You rush over to see if it fits your taste too, and when it does it’s shopping heaven. So pop on over to this great treasury today while it’s still up and shop, shop, shop, it’s like your best friend told you!

I’ve also included a list here of these great shops, so if you miss the treasury being live, check them out. A tip from a friend.

oh and me

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