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Celebrating the Sport of Kings

And they're off

Guest blog by Gregory Morris (The Hubs)

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we have been thinking about something great to give dad. He’s tough to buy for. It seems like everybody’s purchasing all the nifty gadgets and tools from the “big box hardware stores.” But, what else is there? Here at MFAS, we know there’s a few items that will surely suit his “man-cave!” For instance, our new line of horse and jockey game room pieces. Speaking of which, did you know the Belmont stakes are this Saturday? And, Disney is making a movie about Secretariat whose from Middleburg, VA?

When we opened our studio a few years ago, Susan and I wanted to name ourselves after something that signified true beauty and magic to us. Since we had lived in Middleburg, Virginia (hometown of Secretariat) in the late ’90s, it has always brought a smile to our face. And it’s also very horsey. There are so many races and events there year round that celebrate one of God’s most noble creatures. A little farther up the East coast though, the 142nd running of the Belmont Stakes in Belmont, New York is this Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

Greyson's Derby Collection. He has been collecting Derby glasses for 6 yrs!

We here at Middleburg Folk Art Studio take all of the Triple Crown events seriously and stop everything on those days to watch.  A couple of weeks ago. We sat with bated breath to see if Calvin Borel would win the Preakness to earn his second leg of the Triple Crown, but sadly, he did meet with success.

Another notable horse event is coming up in your home town, in your local theatre, actually, and its’ called Secretariat, staring Diane Lane and John Malkovich. It’s the story about a horse that beat the odds and won the Triple Crown in 1973.

If you’re looking for something to collect and you’re into horses (like we are), a great thing to shop for at flea markets this summer are Kentucky Derby glasses. They’re great to collect because they are inexpensive, historic, and make great decorations for any living space.

So to celebrate Father’s Day and the upcoming “horsey weekend” our studio is offering five new pieces.

And they’re off!

Racing Horses-A set of three horses perfect for your game room, mantle or dining table on race day. (We will sell them individually as well as customize them for you!.)

Oh Foxy-A sweet little red fox to sit on your night stand or office desk.

The Jockey-An excellent Fathers day gift for the sporting man in your life.

We have one of each of these in stock as of this blog posting but we’d be glad to make another for any of our readers.

Happy Fathers Day!

–The Hubs

Mint Julep anyone?


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OMG I’m a Sculptor

Well if you know my work you would say duh! But it really has been an awakening in the past year that I have realized I am so comfortable in a 3-D medium. For years, over 25+ I have thought of myself as a graphic designer, then an art director and then a creative director, they seem to come to me, maybe because of tending to be a lead. But I’ll tell you becoming a graphic designer was like running into a brick wall or jumping them for that matter.

One spark that came 2 years ago now was, my little company could go anywhere and succeed as long as it had me, a great hardware store and the internet. So as I have said before, I followed another dream and bought my historic farm and house here in NC. Becoming a sculpture has been an evolution, as the years are going along you can see my style changing, becoming more aware. Etsy has played a major role as well and still does to this day. I love the community and the other great artist that I find there. I challenge myself to do better each day, to try harder to keep my work fresh.

Just wanted to share with you to date one of the largest family portraits I have created, 9 pets and 7 people, 16 in total, how fun is that! This was for the most wonderful person I have never meet but through her photos I feel like I know the whole family.

Making things for others…I like making things for people, I find great joy in creating and thinking about where these things will wind up in someone’s home or as a gift to a friend. It really does give me the warm and fuzzys.

So sitting here on my 4th year anniversary on Etsy, I am truly grateful I found my path as a sculptor and am on this journey. I thank you all for your consistent support and lovely kind words you share with me in notes and convo’s.

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Nehucky Farm at Harvest Time

Here are some pics of our new home during this years peanut harvest that is going on this month. There is also a bounus pic of Gigi our new little pug atop a peanut bail.

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Come out, we need your Vote!

This is our sweet Bluebird Wedding cake topper!

This is our sweet Bluebird Wedding cake topper!

This is a some what shameless request to help Middleburg have the most votes for “Best Wedding Cake Topper” from the Storque on Etsy.

Etsy has chosen our Blue Bird Wedding Cake Topper to be included in the voting for Best Topper!

Voting is open until Monday, June 8th.

Here is the vote link!

As we say in Chicago, “Vote Early and vote often”. 🙂

Thanks Friends of Middleburg! –Susan

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Us and the Lion


Well again another long time in between postings…but alas, no more beating ones self up. I have been so busy with work and orders, I have been truly blessed! Thank you to all!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Turkey Day, ours was just great. A little side bar, if you have never had a “Hoka” Turkey, do yourself a favor and order one for your next feast, it was just the best as usual.

Wanted to share a photo with you of our recent trip to mine and my husbands alamata. I think of the whole Art Institute of Chicago as my college, even though the School of the Art institute is on the back side, many of a snowy, windy or rainy day we’d cut through this magnificent place to get from Michigan Ave to the Columbus Drive side, cut through the Exchange Room hall, the student gallery and vola in the hall of the school, (oh, the places a student pass will get you). So when we returned last weekend, I was walking through the main hall and telling my daughter this–she looked at me as if your crazy, right? You see, my son was in from college, so a lot of reminiscing about college life was going on. Gone is the day of the free pass, cutting thorough the main hall, going on Sunday morning to do research before the public would come in. You learned when the museum was busy and when it was slow, you would know the guards not by name but at least by face and give them a little nod, you could sit on a beach in front of a Picasso and just soak it up. Some how when I’m there I feel 18 again, I remember how the gallery’s have changed over the years, that my favorite O’Keeffe was down for a while but now she’s back. I can look down into the inner garden and remember how it looks in all seasons. We only make it home about once a year now, my son goes willingly and will go to every gallery I visit. He looks thoughtfully at the paintings and sculptures with me, I’ll share a tidbit or two that I remember from art history classes, but he has been going there for some 19 years. My daughter on the other hand goes reluctantly, looks a lot at her watch and wants to leave at the drop of a hat. She however this year did find interest in the Thorne Room Miniatures which I took her to for the first time. And also made me very proud when her father asked her over cocktails what her favorite piece was and she pulled out David Hockney, “American Collectors” and told him a little about it (which I had just told her an hour before). But hey, I’ll take what ever I can squeeze into her in regards to culture. My son teases her that all she has to do is touch the lions tail and culture will just pour into her…so hence our photo this year with one of the lions!

A lion side bar: The two bronze lion statues were created by Edward L. Kemeys. The sculptor gave them unofficial names: the south lion is “stands in an attitude of defiance,” and the north lion is “on the prowl.” We are standing with the south lion…how appropiate.

And to all the wonderful people who have been asking what’s new. Here is the first new piece in a while “Partridge on Pear”, an ode to the 12 days of Christmas…it might just become a series. Check it out on Etsy at:

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A Flurry of Good News

Something happened last week which I knew was coming but sorta came in flurry. I’m pleased to say we have hit another personal milestone on Etsy. We have over 300 sales!!!!! Last time I hit a mile stone I did 100 of my favorite sellers on Etsy. Sorry, this time I just don’t have the energy to do 300. But I do wish to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful customers on Etsy who have been very generous and bought from my little shop. 

I’m also pleased to announce that Etsy has selected Middleburg to be the Featured Seller on the front page starting at 1:00 p.m. EST on Friday, November 7th. We will be up for three days it seems. You can view my personal outrageous photo and read my interview. We will be listing new pieces and trying to make it fun for all of you who’s viewing. This is a total unexpected honor from Etsy, it’s not something you can buy, lobby for or get by being a high seller. As a shop owner it’s something you wish for, pray for and wonder why did that shop get it before me. But when it happens to you and you get that little convo, it’s like Christmas! 

When I got the e-mail last week, my immediate thought was OMG I need a new head shot, but them I remembered I’m an artist now not that corporate suit with the perfect hair and makeup. I thought what could I do that would be different, unique, something that pushed the creative envelope of the the Ho Hum head shot. I thought I want Annie Leibovitz to shot me, but she was booked…so I had to go with hubby. I wanted to be surrounded in my art, but not nessarly show you the flurry (my new favorite word) of chaos I work in. So here’s what we came up with, I’m showing you both photos my hubby shot of me this weekend! He was a dear to put up with my craziness. So we are having fun with this and hope you enjoy reading about my hopes, dreams and goals for my business and on Etsy!

A quick show announcement as well–We will be doing only 1 show for this Christmas season and here are the details. 

This is a one day show, The Winnetka Home Craft Show 

Thursday, December 4th from 11:00 am to 7:00 p.m..

283 Ridge Ave.

Winnetka, Illinois

(2 blocks South of Willow Rd and 2 blocks West of Green Bay Rd.)

At fellow artist Cindi Samaha home, 10 high quality artist will feature their wears, trunk show style. So stop by for the most perfect Christmas decorations and gifts to complete your lists.

And don’t forget to stop by my Etsy shop often this holiday season we are posting new items almost everyday!

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So much to catch up on…

I know it’s been a while and no I’ve have not fallen off the edge of the world. First off sent my Greyson, my oldest off the college this fall, he is doing great and I have good and bad days. Let me tell you if you have ones that is under the age of 12 or so hug them every minute you can, because one day they to will be unhugable, as it’s to far for even a mothers arms to reach 1000 miles! 

The high side of all of this is he is in my beloved Virginia! I returned to Middleburg, Leesburg and got to see family we haven’t seen in years. Got to go the Middleburg Tack Exchange, the only real tack shop and bought Greyson the most stunning pair of black field boots. He is at the most beautiful college you have ever seen Randolph College in Lynchburg. He has made the riding team and will be going to his first team meet the first week in October! 
I have created a ton of new Halloween Pieces and I’m proud to say they are very, very good. Lots of new papier mache! Great new garlands, of black cats, skulls, and leafs. I still continue to be inspired by great old antique toys. I love wheels on the pieces and imagine what Halloween was like way back when. You can see and buy pieces from my etsy site.

You must plan on going to the Country Folk Art Show! It’s next weekend, starts on Friday night, September 26-28, 2008.

Well the long awaited Fall Folk Art show is almost here. I say long awaited because if you’ll remember our lovely Kane County was building us a new building out here at are fair grounds and we skipped the Spring show. Well it is fabulous let me tell you, great natural light and air conditioning! So tell your friends and come out. 
Here is a link if you need more details
Sorry and sad to say 😦 I will not be their, as it is parents weekend, so I’m off to Virginia again like a good mommie. But please I encourage you to go a shop some of the best artist and craftsmen from around the country. Here a short list of some of my friends and fellow artist I think you should pay special attention and go see.
Valerie Weberpal / Harvest Moon
Rosann Wynykoski / Paintings 
Terry Graber / Terry Graber Studio
Ed Pribyl / New Traditions Wood Work
Jain Faries / Mox Nix Textiles
and Ginny Henson of course.
And so many, many more. So go stop by a say hello for me too!

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