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A Weekend with Family and Art

We had a lovely extended weekend as the children both had off school and the weather was beautiful here in NC, only last week we had snow on the ground. And my sweetie was sculpting 18th century snow people. All she said is I’m going out to play in the snow and about a hour later she said come look and to my surprise two lovely sculpted snow people stood in my side yard.

This is totally why I moved here, my son can drive home from Virginia and just spend a couple more days with us within the school year. Plans included a trip to the movies, dinner and the Folk Art Show at Fearrington Farm.

“Book of Eli” is my favorite movie right now have seen it twice and I think I’m going again as my daughter found more suttleies in the film I want to see. It’s beautiful filmed and super, super cleaver in content and If you haven’t’ seen it, it has a OMG ending you never see coming.

The Folk Art Show at Fearrington Farm

Wanted to go to this show after reading a tweet by Dolan Geiman [ ] he and Ali really have the inside scope on the real art world and since this was practically in my backyard it was so worth it. The setting is one of the most beautiful places you could imagine having a show. Set on a historic farm which has been converted into a small village, it has restaurants, a few shops and grounds to make it worth making a day of. The show is held in a redone pack house barn, with branch candlers to die for.

The entrance had artists outside with garden sculptures of metal and then you walk through a hallway which was also hung with art, then the grand hall with all the artists. You could tell it was a collectors show, people pro-used the artist work many with there reps right there working the booth along side them. The art was wild, creative, interesting and original.

I would call it more of an outsider or naive artist show. Lots of great found object work with primitive painting and type added. Check out the artist cars:

My two favorite artists were Rose Rosely [ ] and Amy Lansburg [ ]. Quite different these two gals, but you can check them out for yourself.

Clyde Jones a true Folk artist is a hoot and a half, did not get to meet the man but went on a trek to see his house after an antique dealer we stop at after the show told us about him. Antique dealers are a unique bread and this guy was testing to see if I knew anything about anything, as I was coming it to his shop for the first time and asked me if i thought it was a true Folk Art show??? Little did he know who he was talking to and I had my options on the subject and definitions all formulated in my head. But then again I always have a opinion, so silly boy he was to ask. He must have liked my answer as he subjected we should go find Clyde Jones House to get a real treat. And how if the board is across the road he doesn’t want visitors and if it is open you welcome to come by. This guy they say doesn’t sell his work but gives it to you if he likes you. Seems like he likes the whole town he lives in as everyone has a least one of his grand sculptural animals of cedar wood.

But back to the farm…
The Banded Goat is where we grabbed a bite, great food, cafe deli style and the garden outside in the summer, it sure will be great to sit in.

And the last thing we did is visit the banded cows…they are too cute. And Yes I’ll be creating some of my own very soon. I fell in love! Their friend the Donkey was the real instigator of the group and just wanted someone to play with but the bull wanted nothing to do with him.

Nehucky Update…

We here on our own farm are playing weekend warrier and the vinyl siding is coming down in preparation of painting. The “Hubby” is taking down the siding to find lovely cedar clap board underneath. And our daughter is getting in on that act and tearing off the green roofing that one barn has been sided with. Really makes the house look historic again. I’ll keep you updated when we choose colors.


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Come out, we need your Vote!

This is our sweet Bluebird Wedding cake topper!

This is our sweet Bluebird Wedding cake topper!

This is a some what shameless request to help Middleburg have the most votes for “Best Wedding Cake Topper” from the Storque on Etsy.

Etsy has chosen our Blue Bird Wedding Cake Topper to be included in the voting for Best Topper!

Voting is open until Monday, June 8th.

Here is the vote link!

As we say in Chicago, “Vote Early and vote often”. 🙂

Thanks Friends of Middleburg! –Susan

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An Overachievers Diary…

It all started with a grand plan that got grander, pick up the son from college, do a show, build Mt. Vernon, have a historic jacket custom made, make a petticoat, a bum roll and 40 new pieces. Sounds like a weekend to me. Did I happen to say son is in Virginia, 700+ miles away, show is in Newport News another 200+miles, Mt. Vernon is being built from foam and sticks, and I have all the parts of the 40 pieces in the studio waiting for me to assemble. All in all I’m a optimist and feel everything you want can be done if you just try hard enough. Well we tried, through the down pours of rain here in Illinois we worked every weekend all weekend long, and still we failed. But failure should never detour one, you can learn so much, and just the effort of trying produces some great things!

Hubby is working like a madman these days at the real job, so the new historic line we are calling “Coach House Heritage” will launch slower than expected, some pieces are up on Etsy now and others we will be adding over the next week to our site and Etsy. It will feature pieces inspired from the mid 1700’s through the Civil War. Lots of new hard-stuffed, fabric pieces in very limited editions of 25, which are all hand-painted. Very classic papier mache pieces, soldiers with wired on arms, and pieces which combine papier mache with fabric in one piece.

We will be re-erecting Mount Vernon here some time in mid June and having a show right here on our studio grounds. I’ll post some dates and details soon so you all can come out.

But my trip to Virginia was great and wanted to share some wonderful parts with you all.

American in Paris–excellent antique shop, in Paris Virginia. Call first and the darling owner Carol will open it up to you. Paris, VA is a very small, quaint town nestled in the Blueridge Mountains. Here is their link so you can pre-shop,

The Red Fox Inn-a quick lunch and one of my most favorite places, located in Middleburg Virginia, which had to include peanut soup.

Oh yes and the boy child is now home and my family is all here again. And really, what more could one ask for?

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So much to catch up on…

I know it’s been a while and no I’ve have not fallen off the edge of the world. First off sent my Greyson, my oldest off the college this fall, he is doing great and I have good and bad days. Let me tell you if you have ones that is under the age of 12 or so hug them every minute you can, because one day they to will be unhugable, as it’s to far for even a mothers arms to reach 1000 miles! 

The high side of all of this is he is in my beloved Virginia! I returned to Middleburg, Leesburg and got to see family we haven’t seen in years. Got to go the Middleburg Tack Exchange, the only real tack shop and bought Greyson the most stunning pair of black field boots. He is at the most beautiful college you have ever seen Randolph College in Lynchburg. He has made the riding team and will be going to his first team meet the first week in October! 
I have created a ton of new Halloween Pieces and I’m proud to say they are very, very good. Lots of new papier mache! Great new garlands, of black cats, skulls, and leafs. I still continue to be inspired by great old antique toys. I love wheels on the pieces and imagine what Halloween was like way back when. You can see and buy pieces from my etsy site.

You must plan on going to the Country Folk Art Show! It’s next weekend, starts on Friday night, September 26-28, 2008.

Well the long awaited Fall Folk Art show is almost here. I say long awaited because if you’ll remember our lovely Kane County was building us a new building out here at are fair grounds and we skipped the Spring show. Well it is fabulous let me tell you, great natural light and air conditioning! So tell your friends and come out. 
Here is a link if you need more details
Sorry and sad to say 😦 I will not be their, as it is parents weekend, so I’m off to Virginia again like a good mommie. But please I encourage you to go a shop some of the best artist and craftsmen from around the country. Here a short list of some of my friends and fellow artist I think you should pay special attention and go see.
Valerie Weberpal / Harvest Moon
Rosann Wynykoski / Paintings 
Terry Graber / Terry Graber Studio
Ed Pribyl / New Traditions Wood Work
Jain Faries / Mox Nix Textiles
and Ginny Henson of course.
And so many, many more. So go stop by a say hello for me too!

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A Coming Out Party

There will be white dresses, champagne and dancing…No not really just being silly.

But I am pleased to announce the members of a group I belong to Folk Art and Friends is coming together to show at Art in the Park on May 3rd and 4th on Elmhurst Art Museum Campus. This next weekend. This is our coming out as it is our first group show together!

Get detailed info about this wonderful show at

The “Friends” that will be showing include Barb Kauffman/Hanway Mill House, Jillian Haupt/Jillian Haupt & Company, Rosann Wynykowski/Four Cats Folk Art, Mary Jurs/ Daydream Design, Greg Morris/Red Barn Studio, Terry Graber/ Terry Graber Studio and myself, Susan Havens-Morris, Middleburg Folk Art Studio.

So come out and see us all and support Folk Art in Illinois and the Midwest.

Looking for a great place to exhibit and sell your work? Join Folk Art and Friends by emailing

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A Spontaneous Addition to My 2008 Show Schedule

Just needed to get out and see you all. It’s been a long grey winter and Easter was so early. Wanted a little more spring in my life and if you feel the same, come out and see all NEW pieces for Spring (and yes we will be bring some Easter too for all you rabbit collectors like me). As a side note we will have a few of Barb Kauffmas of Hanway Mill House boxes with us. And for extra fun we are doing a raffle and you need not be present at the drawing to win!

So come out–Next weekend- Saturday and Sunday, April 12 &13

A Shower of Crafts and Art Fair

College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL

Show Hours
Sat 10-4
Sun 11-4

Here a link for directions:

You can find this lovely New Flower Garland at my Etsy shop as well if you can’t wait until the show!

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My Dear Old Friend

The mart and me
I’ve just spent the last five days showing at the Mart here in Chicago at
The Beckman’s Handcrafted show. But what’s ironic is this is where my
creative career started as my husband reminded me. Trust me, he really
doesn’t tell me much that I haven’t thought of three weeks before. But I
never gave it much credence until last night at 9:00 p.m. when I was pulling
out from under the Marts loading docks. A fabulous world unto itself,
which behind the scenes Disney has nothing over these guys. Maybe it was
the five days of setting up, lack of sleep, a good meal or standing in
heels, which again I haven’t worn in at least a year. I had a tear in my
eye as I turned the corner and went over the bridge to the east of the
Mart. Remembering running across that walkway as college intern going
to my little job in the Quaker Oats art department where I hand-gelled
slides in glass mounts and thought I hit the big time. Or the last time
tears welled up in my eyes when we were leaving Chicago and moving to
Middleburg, Virginia in 1997. I remember thinking about all the great
restaurants we would not eat at again or the taxis that you could just lift your
hand and get a ride from. But as the tears got heaver and about to break
into a cry, I realized I had come a long way and being here felt good! I felt
at home, great and confident in what I’m doing. And that long journey
I’m taking–all built up to this. So thank you lovely old Merchandise
Mart, I’ll see you again soon, my dear friend.


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