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Chickens Have Returned to Nehucky Farm

Our baby chicks

Lots of bustling going on here at the farm, new baby chicks were brought home on Sunday. The breed is Golden Laced Polish Top Hats, they will look like they are all wearing hats when they grown up. They were born on Wednesday, and this is their first on the grass outing. Otherwise the are living in a converted dog kennel half, with their warming light on 24/7. They have been really good so far, funny they know where the food and water bowls are right away. Below is picture of what they grow u to look like! How fun is that.

Darling where is my coop?

The lettuce and spinach garden also has been started. Tried to start the seed indoors and then transplanted but it did not work out so well. So just planted a second round in the bare spots, that’s what all the peat is. The center ring is spinach, Brussels sprouts around them, arugula in the next ring and finally muslin greens all around. We have already had our first salads from the baby greens, and let me tell you it is shocking how much better it tastes. My goal was to stop buying those organic bags of lettuce mix at the grocery. I’m off to a good start.

It really is just a patch, but give it a week or so...

Pansy’s are in all the urns now and filling out, watering here in North Carolina is challenging, the warmer weather and the wind plus soil that is very sandy, makes everything dry out faster.

Hi do you guys want to play?

Little GiGi is hanging in after the passing of VeeVee she still is acting like she lost her best friend. So were are doing extra cuddling with her! We would just like to thank everyone who left messages and sent private e-mails, about our loss of our dear VeeVee, it was so kind of everyone!

Thank you Everyone!


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Beloved VeeVee…

It has taken three days for me to come to terms with the sudden loss of our dear sweet VeeVee pug on Easter Sunday. I cried for the first 48 hours, followed by a lost feeling and the weight of an iron blanket over me. I felt I should share this with you as I have talked about her here and referred to her as a member of the Middleburg Folk Art Studio family as well as the Havens-Morris’. She was so much more, our dear companion, the love of our life, she was such a good girl. For anyone who has known a pug she was special, she listened, she would stay with you whether outside or in, never ran away, compassionate, tender, loving. She was beautiful and a photogenic pug. Small in size, she loved popcorn and knew the difference, if it was homemade or microwave, the later which she did not partake in.

She was the best always by our side

While she was a gift from Santa over 7 years ago to both children, she really was my sons love. He would often say to her when greeting her “Hey Baby”, in a long low tone, it was kinda their thing. I can hear those words in my ears now as I type this. She would sleep with him every night, under his covers with him. She would stay in bed as long as he did. It was fitting that we were up at his college this weekend for Easter with him when she past so suddenly. He was there with her and could say goodbye. Unknowing to me at the time, he keep her collar she was wearing as a memento, it’s only right that he has it.

Love you darling...we as a family would talk for VeeVee in a Russian accent and the line \

we as a family would talk for VeeVee in a Russian accent and the line ” Darling you go ABC store” refers to VeeVee being a mature Russian lady who would drink Vodka, but a pug who could not go to the liquor store herself. Trust me she never had any vodka.

When we got our second pug a year ago and day to Vee Vee’s passing. Gigi was welcomed cooly by Veevee, not as her baby as we hoped, she would be nothing more than tolerated. But Gigi was for my daughter, she is my daughters baby, she absolutely loves her and she her. It filled the void that VeeVee was my sons and Gigi was my daughters. VeeVee was the most dignified girl, would not be drawn into childish pug games with new puppy, but preferred to sit with one of us while watching the little one play. They would sleep together in the studio even though there were two pink beds for each to sleep in. If you know a pug, warmth is what they are all about.

the many faces of our love!

VeeVee was laid to rest here at Nehucky Farm on Monday in one of her favorite toile collars and engraved tag, in a grove of very old boxwoods, under a giant pecan tree.

Oh dear VeeVee you will be missed my darling!

You will be so missed!

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