OMG I’m a Sculptor

Well if you know my work you would say duh! But it really has been an awakening in the past year that I have realized I am so comfortable in a 3-D medium. For years, over 25+ I have thought of myself as a graphic designer, then an art director and then a creative director, they seem to come to me, maybe because of tending to be a lead. But I’ll tell you becoming a graphic designer was like running into a brick wall or jumping them for that matter.

One spark that came 2 years ago now was, my little company could go anywhere and succeed as long as it had me, a great hardware store and the internet. So as I have said before, I followed another dream and bought my historic farm and house here in NC. Becoming a sculpture has been an evolution, as the years are going along you can see my style changing, becoming more aware. Etsy has played a major role as well and still does to this day. I love the community and the other great artist that I find there. I challenge myself to do better each day, to try harder to keep my work fresh.

Just wanted to share with you to date one of the largest family portraits I have created, 9 pets and 7 people, 16 in total, how fun is that! This was for the most wonderful person I have never meet but through her photos I feel like I know the whole family.

Making things for others…I like making things for people, I find great joy in creating and thinking about where these things will wind up in someone’s home or as a gift to a friend. It really does give me the warm and fuzzys.

So sitting here on my 4th year anniversary on Etsy, I am truly grateful I found my path as a sculptor and am on this journey. I thank you all for your consistent support and lovely kind words you share with me in notes and convo’s.


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  1. 1

    these pieces are just lovely. i am happy to have found your etsy shop and blog and excited to keep up with your work. so beautiful and fun! thank you for sharing! xoxo, juliette

  2. 2

    Hi Susan
    I just stumbled across your blog and it’s delightful – you look like you’re having a real good time!
    I’m addin’ it to my feed!
    Good Day!
    – Jennifer

  3. 3

    Funny how things happen isn’t it? I was an assemblage artist and photographer for years, but then one day not long ago when designing new business cards I realised I’d become a textile artist- and a textile jewelry artist at that. I immediately questioned myself if I was okay with that, but I didn’t feel right to say no after developing a life I love so much. If you’d told me 3 years ago I was to become a textile artist, I would’ve thought you a little bit skewed!

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