Help us Pick the Next Wedding Cake Topper

What do you think happens on February the 14th the most…? Now get your minds out of the gutter and really think. Engagements! It is THE most popular day to get engaged. I love seeing all the jewelry store ads that are slathering the TV the weeks before. As if a man doesn’t know where to get a ring.

For those of us who are married, I bet it doesn’t even come up on our radar anymore. But wedding season is almost upon us, some would say we’re already in it but I see a tsunami coming.

It is really romantic to think there is a whole season for this part of life still. So everyone needs to think back to those lovely days of dating and the pet names you use to call each other. Did you call each other sweet animal names, funny silly names, or super sweet names you go yuck to now? Even if you’re not married join in the fun.

We at Middleburg want to come up with some more wonderful cake toppers, but with so many ideas and so little time, we need your help to narrow it down.

Just to kick the ball off, I have been thinking about a cute rabbit couple, paws up, facing each other touching noses. Two little blue birds sitting in a tree. A pair of frogs sitting on a lilly pad. But I have said to much…your turn.

Here’s where you come in:
We need you to tell us what you think most describes the wedding cake topper you would like (or would have liked) via comment here, include your name please and an e-mail address.

We will then take the most popular suggestions, put them in a hat and pick out the winning suggestion on Thursday Feb 18 at Noon, ETS. And as our Thank You for all your hard work the winning suggestion will receive a $35 gift certificate to our Middleburg Etsy Shop. Its really IMPORTANT that you leave me an email address in the comment section as well, otherwise we won’t have any way of contacting you.

You may also DM or Tweet me an idea, for additional chances to WIN ! @MiddleburgFAS


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  1. 1

    Nikki said,

    We think your cake toppers are gorgeous and regarding ideas for the competition, it would be lovely to see a pair of swans forming a heart… after all, swans mate for life so it would be a wonderful sentiment for a wedding cake! 🙂

  2. 2

    I love 2 people standing in a field of daisies. (My theme of my wedding was daisies)

  3. 3

    Amanda said,

    I would have loved to have had two turtle doves on top of our cake, or maybe two hearts that look like that Open Hearts collection at Kay Jewelers – those are too cute too!

  4. 4

    Anne said,

    I just stumbled across your blog & etsy and I love your designs! I am a married girl, but I never had a cake topper and that was always a big regret of mine.. I think they should be personal, So I would have one done with your cute wedding birds but one with a guitar and the other on top a spool of thread and needle. Also maybe one bird could have a viel for a girl 🙂 Some other ways to make it personal would be to do wedding honeymoon destinations or to do wedding rings that have the couples last name and est. year
    Thanks for the giveaway chance
    Anne Molino
    annemolino xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. 5

    Amber G said,

    I would love something elegant but relatively simple – I really like the middle one at the top, where there are words written on her dress. Very cute and beautiful at the same time.

  6. 6

    sarah said,

    I’ll give it a shot! 🙂

    Your wedding cake toppers are lovely, and I also love your rabbit couple idea. I think a good wedding cake topper should scream romance. How about:

    1) Two dolphins coming up out of the water touching their noses…their fins are touching too so they are sort of in a spiral shape. Hard to describe but I think you’ll know what I mean!

  7. 7

    Rose said,

    So some of these ideas don’t work for me, but I know of a few people who would love them. Batteries and a wii for gamers? Rainbow and a pot of gold? Heavier couple? Gothic? Instead of a bride dragging a groom what about the groom dragging the bride? (this would probably be mine)

  8. 8

    Memories for Life Scrapbooks said,

    Birds are so popular right now! So Love Birds in the Garden is my fave pick!!!

    memoriesforlifescrapbooks xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. 9

    angie said,

    I originally had love birds on top of my cake, but if I got married today, I’d pick monograms of my husbands and my initials together. I think that it is a keepsake that you could safely leave out and have it displayed well with most decor styles too!


  10. 10

    nan lara said,

    i would have like a gazebo wedding topper, it’s where we got engaged and where we first went when we started dating.

  11. 11

    Anne B. said,

    Two hedgehogs closely side by side.
    Ot two cats lying huddled up forming a circle.

  12. 12

    Deirdre said,

    I actually had the wedding cake topper of my dreams — it was a milk chocolate bride and groom that sat atop a white wedding cake with red ribbons at the base of each tier (our wedding colors were red and brown). We got to enjoy having a unique cake topper, but also had a little snack for after the wedding.

    I think that it would be cool to have a cake topper that you feel is signature, but offer it in a variety of color combinations, as so many people wish to have their toppers match the color theme of their wedding. I also like the idea of fruit or a large flower bud atop a cake, as opposed to the traditional couple topper (whether it be people or animals), so perhaps make those of ceramic or glass?!

  13. 13

    Virginia said,

    When I got married in 2006, I searched high and low for a cake topper with a bald woman, because I have been bald all of my life. Not finding one, and not having the creative genius to make one, I used Christmas Tree figures on my Snow Inspired cake, since we had a Christmas wedding.

  14. 14

    Tammy said,

    I love the idea of an animal-themed cake topper. Something a little quirky, perhaps birds. They’re all the rage right now, but my family doesn’t know that.

    Squirrels are also acceptable!

    brinnet -xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. 15

    cindy said,

    birds are always cute…the squirrels are super cute; how about something for the cat lovers though? i don’t see any pictured above. 🙂 or sock monkeys! i’m a sucker for sock monkeys!


  16. 16

    lauren said,

    I personally love hedgehogs! I don’t know if that’s very romantic though since they’re so prickly…

    I’d say sparrows, swallows or doves. Or swans! Good old-fashioned swans are gorgeous.

  17. 17

    I would really like to see a cute wedding topper made up of some sort of social media where the couple met! Like maybe two facebook profiles and then on their profiles there’s a facebook plot of how they met and at the very top it says that their status has been updated to married. It could be very cute and an original way to show the guests how your relationship developed!

    Btw, I listed this giveaway in my blog! Here’s the link:

  18. 18

    sazadrozny said,

    I think a lovely cake topper would be two white doves looking up to the sky, about to take flight. Doves symbol faith and purity, which is fitting as the couple begins their new life together on their wedding day with the faith they will live together forever. Weddings are also like baptisms, where the couple becomes purified and again begins their life anew together. I am not married yet, but both my boyfriend and I each lost our fathers, and so I want two doves to be released at our (hopeful) wedding as a symbol that they are pure and will always be watching us from above.
    -Sarah Zadrozny, sazadroznyXXXXXXXXXXXX

  19. 19

    This might be a bit odd (but I’m odd anywho!), but I think that all your little birds are just precious, and that got me thinking about cute spinoff ideas. I think it would be really adorable to have a set of flamingos – like the completely tacky little lawn ornament creatures. It’d take a quirky couple to rock that topper, but I just love the idea!!!

    Clearly I’m on a bird kick, but I also think that penguins would be sweet!

  20. 20

    Mary Beth said,

    OWLS! …sorry to be shouting. All the chi omega girls of america would love a very special owl topper! Plus, owls are soooo in right now. Please consider! … and thanks so very much for a chance to win! big hug…

  21. 21

    How about a tree of life? Or any tree, maybe with spring blossoms?

    aschertle at yahoo dot com

  22. 22

    Amber said,

    Two trees, with branches slightly intertwined. Definitely.

  23. 23

    Jessica said,

    what if you could create a bubble blower, the kind often given out at weddings, and create a bubble that you could create names or dates or both on! I think that would be amazing!

  24. 24

    Shannon Kelly said,

    I just stumbled across your Etsy shop today and it’s very lovely. I admire your artwork and the way your creations brighten the world and give a peak into your amazing imagination!

    anyway … here is my idea for a cake topper … it might be pushing you out of your usual genres.

    I love the idea of a sparrow and a robot falling in love. The whole Robot-Sparrow idea is not originally mine but a great illustrator and artist, Jake Parker, who wrote a comic about a sparrow and a robot becoming friends. His artwork is found at his website here :

    Yet, I like the the idea of the Robot and the Sparrow, because lads and ladies are so very different. Yes, we’re the same species … but on our insides and our ways of communicating we’re very different. We have to learn that and still choose to love each other, work together, and have fun together.

    So that’s what I would suggest! A Robot and his sparrow love. 🙂

    Hope you like the idea!

  25. 25

    Mindy Wilson said,

    I love ALL of them! Your work is so fun and amazing! It’s so inspiring, I want to create paper mache right now! (is that spelled right?) How about a dog with a top had pulling a buggie of some sort…with two birdies riding….or second idea a bike for two third idea a hot air balloon. I love how you’ve added a mssg. between the birds: Love is forever. Great work!!

    Thank you for this opportunity! Funky, Aged photos, Llamps and Art!

  26. 26

    Mindy Wilson said,

    PS…I have a long list of art dreams…I have never created paper mache! LOL…I am not sure I’ll be doing it soon! I was only expressing your work makes me want to hop up and CREATE!!

    And those were my three ideas to be entered into the contest to win your prize (very nice!)
    … mwilsonXXXXXXXXXX is my email!

    have a wonderful day!!

  27. 27

    Jamie said,

    One that helps reflect us as a couple together with our love for one another. I love the bluebirds and the squirrels

  28. 28

    Ginny said,

    I bought bears for mine because I didn’t like that I couldn’t find people that looked like us, lol. My husband was NOT happy though, so I wouldn’t recommend that. I love all the bird toppers you have. The idea of swans like the previous commenter mentioned is awesome. I vote for that one, would be beautiful + a wonderful sentiment!

  29. 29

    I just LOVE all of your items!
    I imagine two little bluebirds in a nest on a small branch blooming with little flowers, kind of cuddling up to each other. {Of course, I kind of have a thing for nests! 🙂 }
    Whatever you create, I’m sure you won’t go wrong! LOVELY, LOVELY shop! 🙂
    XO!, Kate

  30. 30

    cakes said,

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