Uncle Harry’s Button Trees

Uncle Harry's Button Tree's


Inspiration comes from so many places, sometimes it hits like a ton of bricks. During some recent unpacking I found a drawer full of horse show ribbons my son has won over the years. The big guy is a sophomore in college now and the ribbons are a little harder to win at the collegiate level. But he and his horse have been working there tails off, (LOL, mommy humor) to pull in some ribbons, which translates into team points for the college. So to honer these two fellows I have decorate one of our new tree sets in horse show ribbon rosettes, the boys have recently brought home. Made up of alot of reporspused mens suiting fabric, I thought the double rounds with vintage buttons remind me of that drawer full of rosettes. They also remind me of my father’s suits, he was a big suit wearer.
Greyson and Harry

A little side bar, Country Living magazine had a fabulous display idea for ribbons. A local gal from the Wayne, Illinois area, my old stopping grounds, framed her ribbons. It’s a very cute idea, I think I’ll surprise my rider with one of his own for his new room here in North Carolina.
Country Living Oct 2009

So a funny little tidbits about the trees names, my sons horse is named Harry as in Harry S. Truman, but around the barn they just call him Harry. So hence Uncle Harry’s Button Trees, enjoy and heres to a Happy Christmas and the boys bringing home more ribbons.
Greyson showing Harry S. Truman


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