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Proper Southern Pugs eat Dressing

Well the pug girls, VeeVee the fawn and Gigi the black, have matching new collars to go visiting this Thanksgiving. They will be going to Virginia for a visit at Aunt Betty’s. A true Alabama born southern lady fixes all the best the south has to offer, besides the fresh turkey the table will be sporting this year. All the best sides, homemade macaroni and cheese, pecan pie, buttermilk biscuits and what southern Thanksgiving would be complete with out corn bread dressing. Translation for my Northern friends, stuffing, but wetter.

So a very Happy Holiday to all the friends of Middleburg, and big wet kisses from the pugs!

Shout out to The Cool Puppy who processed and shipped the girl’s collars in record time! Check them out:

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Nehucky Farm at Harvest Time

Here are some pics of our new home during this years peanut harvest that is going on this month. There is also a bounus pic of Gigi our new little pug atop a peanut bail.

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Uncle Harry’s Button Trees

Uncle Harry's Button Tree's

Inspiration comes from so many places, sometimes it hits like a ton of bricks. During some recent unpacking I found a drawer full of horse show ribbons my son has won over the years. The big guy is a sophomore in college now and the ribbons are a little harder to win at the collegiate level. But he and his horse have been working there tails off, (LOL, mommy humor) to pull in some ribbons, which translates into team points for the college. So to honer these two fellows I have decorate one of our new tree sets in horse show ribbon rosettes, the boys have recently brought home. Made up of alot of reporspused mens suiting fabric, I thought the double rounds with vintage buttons remind me of that drawer full of rosettes. They also remind me of my father’s suits, he was a big suit wearer.
Greyson and Harry

A little side bar, Country Living magazine had a fabulous display idea for ribbons. A local gal from the Wayne, Illinois area, my old stopping grounds, framed her ribbons. It’s a very cute idea, I think I’ll surprise my rider with one of his own for his new room here in North Carolina.
Country Living Oct 2009

So a funny little tidbits about the trees names, my sons horse is named Harry as in Harry S. Truman, but around the barn they just call him Harry. So hence Uncle Harry’s Button Trees, enjoy and heres to a Happy Christmas and the boys bringing home more ribbons.
Greyson showing Harry S. Truman

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Middleburg’s Discoveries in North Carolina: Barbecue

Pig Sign

A guest commentary by: Greg Morris ( the hubby)

One of the many things we love since we’ve come here is our ongoing search for the best barbecue, we mean pulled pork. We fell in love with the stuff in Middleburg Virginia, well actual it’s Aldie, Virginia at a place that used to be called Doc’s Barbecue. You could order a bull or heifer (isnt’ that cute!) sandwich pilled high with pulled pork and all topped off with cole slaw, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Virginia barbecue is done with red sauce. Eastern North Carolina barbecue is served with no sauce or with a light vinegar sauce on a bun with the cole slaw on the side if at all, but a lot more vinegar.

All barbecue restaurants offer typically offer pulled pork, fried chicken, cole slaw, banana pudding, hush puppies and all the sweet tea you can drink, this is where McDonald’s got the idea. When you’re at any of these places, the sides are also as good as the barbecue it’s self. That’s where the local flavor can be found, collard greens, green beans, hush puppies, and yams. These sides are in just about every mom and pop restaurant in the south and you can make a meal on just those alone as Susan will sometimes do. Susan is also not a real fan of the vinegar barbecue, she is a red sauce gal at heart.
Below is a quick survey of the restaurants we’ve discovered as of this blog posting. Try one when your in the coastal North Carolina area, you’ll love it!

The Barbecue Lodge, Raleigh–Four Stars
The name threw us at first, we thought it was going to be a total dive but it was the first place recommended by our concierge at the Hyatt. When your drive up, it looks like your going to a refurbished Chinese restaurant. We were given our own pitchers of tea, mine sweet, Susan’s unsweeted. We ordered off of the menu, two pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw an hushpuppies. The food was awesome, especially our banana pudding and peach cobbler deserts which we took with us and ate in the car on the way home.

Parkers Barbecue Restaurant, Greenville–Three Stars
No ambiance, really, non, it’s like eating in a high school cafeteria. I mean really, there are picnic type tables. You order at a counter and wait for your food to come up, then you go sit down. If you want more sweet tea, just go back to the counter. They also offer fried seafood like fish, oysters and shrimp. We haven’t tried these yet, we can’t get past the barbecue.

Strickland Dale, Snow Hill–Three Stars
This is not really a barbecue restaurant but it does offer pulled pork on Thursdays. This is the closets restaurant to our new studio. Unlike the other restaurants, this is an “All-you-can-eat-buffet”. Along with my pulled pork, I also LOVE their fried chicken, which is truly the best in the area (or anywhere else) that I have ever tasted. I think their secret is the batter.

There are more barbecue places in the area that we’ve tried but these are our top picks. More to come on this subject soon!


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