Yankee Moves South

Driving Miss Daisy Movie
Ever feel like a nobody, well this week I sure was. You feel like can’t do a single thing in North Carolina with out a Social Security card. I lost mine 30 years ago and have gotten along fine in Chicago for all this time, can you imagine! But in NC you can’t get a new drivers license, open a bank account, and one thing rolls into another after that. So as of right now I’m just like Jessica Tandy in “Driving Miss Daisy”, sorry could not help the southern tie-in. Mr Greg, who now has his NC license is doing all the driving. And as a side bar to this whole thing, when I did go in to get a new SS card, the lady behind the bullet proof glass… say’s “so do you really want Havens on your new card? And I say “of course my legal name Havens-Morris”. And to try and add levity to the monument I said ” It was all the rage in the 80’s” and she looks back at me and says, “well I guess I’m not that liberated, being a plain jane was fine for me”. Lets face it one does not go to Social Security office for a boost in self confidence.

That’s all from the back seat right now!


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    kimberly said,

    hilarious! in chicago, when i got married and went to the social security office, the woman behind the counter asked if i was REALLY going to have my first, middle, last and new last name on the card??!! i wanted to tell her that her job was to process the paper work, not make judgements on people’s names! 🙂

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