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Coach House Heritage to Launch June 20th!

We are in count down, to our event here at Middleburg! Saturday is fast approching.
A Fine Young Patriot holding a Game Board Duck
Everything is coming together, the garden beds were mulched the other day and the little Bull Barn Tavern is turning out to be the show stealer. It’s even getting a rustic chandalier today. The Mount Vernon booth is getting final painting as well, if the rain would only stay away, it will all dry.

Here is a sneak peak at the Paul Reaver piece, he is all fabric riding a papier mache horse.Paul...just one of the 40+ new pieces!

If you still need a ticket to this event please go to our link:

It’s going to be a whale of a time!


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Come out, we need your Vote!

This is our sweet Bluebird Wedding cake topper!

This is our sweet Bluebird Wedding cake topper!

This is a some what shameless request to help Middleburg have the most votes for “Best Wedding Cake Topper” from the Storque on Etsy.

Etsy has chosen our Blue Bird Wedding Cake Topper to be included in the voting for Best Topper!

Voting is open until Monday, June 8th.

Here is the vote link!

As we say in Chicago, “Vote Early and vote often”. 🙂

Thanks Friends of Middleburg! –Susan

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