How cute is that puppy…Gigi

gigiSome have seen her around already in photos on the website and others in person. But I just wanted to introduce you all to the newest member of the Middleburg family, our black pug dog, Gigi. This one is for my daughter. Our other pug is VeeVee, and she became our sons from the beginging. We love great name for pets so we just continued the naming in the same vain. My husband always gives the dogs a middle name and what better than Channel, so her full name is Gigi Channel. She is now 11 weeks old and full of energy.

We’ll soon be looking for some fab collars, so here are some of my daughter picks from Etsy.


The Cool Puppy 
Flowers Pink Leather Dog Collar…We love flowers here at Middleburg!
The Mod Dog
Sangria martingale collar…and this one would be as fun as Gigi is!
EcoDog Collar and Cuff Set–Chocolate Leather with Pink Vintage Buttons
We love repurposed, recycled and renewed here at Middleburg, so this one might be it.
il_430xn35974247We’ll keep adding puppy pictures from time to time and you can watch her grow!

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