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How cute is that puppy…Gigi

gigiSome have seen her around already in photos on the website and others in person. But I just wanted to introduce you all to the newest member of the Middleburg family, our black pug dog, Gigi. This one is for my daughter. Our other pug is VeeVee, and she became our sons from the beginging. We love great name for pets so we just continued the naming in the same vain. My husband always gives the dogs a middle name and what better than Channel, so her full name is Gigi Channel. She is now 11 weeks old and full of energy.

We’ll soon be looking for some fab collars, so here are some of my daughter picks from Etsy.


The Cool Puppy 
Flowers Pink Leather Dog Collar…We love flowers here at Middleburg!
The Mod Dog
Sangria martingale collar…and this one would be as fun as Gigi is!
EcoDog Collar and Cuff Set–Chocolate Leather with Pink Vintage Buttons
We love repurposed, recycled and renewed here at Middleburg, so this one might be it.
il_430xn35974247We’ll keep adding puppy pictures from time to time and you can watch her grow!

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Handmade for the Cure

As an artist I have been thinking about this issue for over a year now and considering what I could do that was more than just making a donation. Knowing I’m just a little tiny voice who is here shouting and there are so many bigger voices shouting awareness. But all the voices coming together is only that much louder, that much stronger so that was my start. I know for me it was a matter of creating something bigger than me. A way to share my art, to hand-make something from my heart to give others a little hope, and extra ounce of courage, a smile or a feel-good moment. Art transcends so many things, the feeling I can bring to someone is always a driving force behind what I create. Winter for me is such a reflective time, while I’ve known of people who have been diagnosed, some who have survived, the impact in not personal..not yet. So I created these pieces so maybe we can offset it becoming personal, so that number of 1 in 8 people can go down.
So I’m proud to introduce my new line devoted to Breast Cancer awareness, “Handmade for the Cure”. Many of the pieces are customizable, I want everyone to feel they can contribute to these creations, to help them become personal to you and the ones you love.


We have decided to donate 20% of each piece sold to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. An excellent foundation that makes a difference for so many. We will be donating online after every sale. You will be able to go to our website and there will be a meter to indicate the amount that has been donated.

If you too would like to donate here is the link:


We encourage other artists to create original works and devote them to the awareness of the fight for the cure as well, and hope to share of of these with you soon.


My series Handmade for the Cure is available in my etsy shop:

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The Building of a Dream

Often in my work I think of things in series, over the next weeks I hope to share many parts to this new dream. Way back when I was a Creative Director in advertising the bigger the idea the better and i was know for some biggie’s in my day, but I also had teams around me who knew I could pull it off, so they followed and supported those ideas. But in the real world it’s hard to share with others your dreams and the reality you can bring to a project. There are however in my life a few that I totally really on for the emotional support I need, my husband who over the years has learned not to question but to jump in with both feet because on the other end it always turns out. And my son who when we talked long distance yesterday not only grasped the idea in a second but said “thank God because nobody I know moves as fast as we do and I could use some of that right now”.
So what we will be sharing is the building of our booth for The Colonial Craftsman’s Faire in Newport News, Virginia this May. We will be traveling to The Endview Plantation to launch our new historic line called Coach House Heritage. My love of all things historic has inspired me to create a line that will span from the late 1700’s to the Civil War.  Over 20 new pieces Papier Mache and another 25 in fabric will launch on the web and in person in Virginia May 16th!
Off with a dream…I envisioned a total environment to surround my work in, something modular, something historic, something grand…I envisioned Mount Vernon! You have to understand once i have a idea it’s pretty hard to stop that train. So the planning began, the sketch were whipped out, the materials thought out, the budget put into place. Supporters check! We will be creating a scale down version of George Washington’s impressive home. The measurements will be 20′ across by 16′ deep, the roof will climb up to around 12′. It will be a single room you will walk into set like the smaller “Green” dining room at Mount Vernon. A working front door and two rear doors along with at least four working windows. The copula, the dormers and chimneys will be faux but in three dimension. We will be demonstrating our 18th century process for papier mache casting during the days behind the building.
Here is the link to this very interesting show and event:
If you are interested in coming to view my creation, please sign up for my e-mail mailing list by sending me an e-mail and I’ll send you a discounted ticket and a special treat from Middleburg. 
Our e-mail:
I hope to end each one of these blogs with a tip or tidbits about business, and creating your dreams. 
So Tip #1: Dream big, figure out how you can make it possible, plan it out and find the ones in your life to give you that emotional support. So when you doubt yourself at some point in the project they will help carry you back to the Dream.!

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