A Flurry of Good News

Something happened last week which I knew was coming but sorta came in flurry. I’m pleased to say we have hit another personal milestone on Etsy. We have over 300 sales!!!!! Last time I hit a mile stone I did 100 of my favorite sellers on Etsy. Sorry, this time I just don’t have the energy to do 300. But I do wish to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful customers on Etsy who have been very generous and bought from my little shop. 

I’m also pleased to announce that Etsy has selected Middleburg to be the Featured Seller on the front page starting at 1:00 p.m. EST on Friday, November 7th. We will be up for three days it seems. You can view my personal outrageous photo and read my interview. We will be listing new pieces and trying to make it fun for all of you who’s viewing. This is a total unexpected honor from Etsy, it’s not something you can buy, lobby for or get by being a high seller. As a shop owner it’s something you wish for, pray for and wonder why did that shop get it before me. But when it happens to you and you get that little convo, it’s like Christmas! 

When I got the e-mail last week, my immediate thought was OMG I need a new head shot, but them I remembered I’m an artist now not that corporate suit with the perfect hair and makeup. I thought what could I do that would be different, unique, something that pushed the creative envelope of the the Ho Hum head shot. I thought I want Annie Leibovitz to shot me, but she was booked…so I had to go with hubby. I wanted to be surrounded in my art, but not nessarly show you the flurry (my new favorite word) of chaos I work in. So here’s what we came up with, I’m showing you both photos my hubby shot of me this weekend! He was a dear to put up with my craziness. So we are having fun with this and hope you enjoy reading about my hopes, dreams and goals for my business and on Etsy!

A quick show announcement as well–We will be doing only 1 show for this Christmas season and here are the details. 

This is a one day show, The Winnetka Home Craft Show 

Thursday, December 4th from 11:00 am to 7:00 p.m..

283 Ridge Ave.

Winnetka, Illinois

(2 blocks South of Willow Rd and 2 blocks West of Green Bay Rd.)

At fellow artist Cindi Samaha home, 10 high quality artist will feature their wears, trunk show style. So stop by for the most perfect Christmas decorations and gifts to complete your lists.

And don’t forget to stop by my Etsy shop often this holiday season we are posting new items almost everyday!


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  1. 1

    Congratulations! Yours was one of the first shops that caught my eye when I first started selling on Etsy last February, and you have continued to be one of my favorites ever since. Folk art without all of the drab colors- love it!

    When I thought of shops I would like to see featured, yours was on the short list. Here’s hoping you have fantastic sales throughout the weekend!

  2. 2

    Elsita :) said,

    Dear Susan,
    I wanted to stop by and say that I just read your interview on Etsy and it was great.
    I love the work that you do and your positive personality. Congratulations to you and also
    to your husband who is a great photographer. I love the two portraits, you look beautiful,
    like Alice in Wonderland. Your husband’s Etsy store is wonderful too, he
    has a great taste. All my best to both of you and the rest of the family!
    Elsita 🙂

  3. 3

    Elke said,

    I am just curious what Greg’s etsy site name is. I am curious to see what stuff he is making.

  4. 4

    Cheryl said,


    What a great interview on Etsy! I jumped right over to your shop, lovely things! You are an inspiration to all of us!

    You’re enthusiasm is overwhelming, and I have to say that I will be by to visit often. Congratulations on the feature!

  5. 5

    amber said,

    Hi there. I found your feature on etsy today. I love your goodies so much. Thanks for sharing and i will bookmark your blog. You super insight on shows in the area that i may like to join. I’m here in Illinois too!!


  6. 6

    Giuli said,

    These creatures are so cool! I love your blog and your ART!!

  7. 7

    violette said,

    what a wonderful couple of fun, creative photos! So cool! Congrats on the wonderful honour! Love love love your work……now i’m going to go and check out your interview!

    Love, Violette xo

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