What All Mom’s Want

Moms all over the world would agree that there is an age you wish you could stop your children at or at-least go back to.

Some personal stuff first then the new pieces.
I have loved every age my children have been at and even more as they grow into the person they will be for the rest of their lives. For me with a son graduating this spring and going to college it is bitter sweet daily. When he talks to me and sounds so intelligent, I think how did I raise him to be so wonderful, then the next moment I realize he will be gone soon and I won’t see him. But WoW will I be proud. I’ll turn him over to the next phase of his life. I look forward to being with my daughter more, to do more with her, but she too will be off soon. So if I could I would like to stop them at around 6 or 8, just so they would need me as much as I still need them.

So there is something that maybe will put them back in time a bit.

We are creating for Mother’s Day, Customizable Family Portraits of your family.
You can add any number of children form 1-10+, you choose hair color, skin tone, clothing colors, size of children, boys and girl. We can add a saying to the front of the base or leave it blank. Please see one of these two links for all details. We will even be gift wrapping and send them in white box with black ribbon and a gift tag you can leave a message on.



We would love to make up one for you, just the way you remember them!


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    jessica said,

    your little figurines are so cute! when i have kdis, i hope youre still making them! LOL. I found your blog searching my shop name in google and saw the post below 🙂

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