My Gal Pals

These are my newest ooak sweeties

As an artist you evolve, you try new things. For me these are very different, inspired by my daughter and some things from when I was a little girl. The kids are so hip today, I first had named these little flat girls “My BBF girls” But then my daughter had to tell me that it was much cooler to say “Gal Pal”, by the way she doesn’t say cool, that’s my word.

To show you how uncool I am I have given up my cell phone long ago when I started this business so I even don’t text. But I like that little saying “Best Friends Forever”, I still have a friend in my life that applies to.

Another friend e-mailed me not long ago and said TTYL at the end of her e-mail, and I had to reply back and ask what it meant (If your reading this you know who you are) and she is still laughing at me.

But anyway they are flat because I had dolls called Flatsy when I was younger. I thought they were so cute and They were fun to play with an bend I remember. Mine are a little different, they don’t bend for starters. But painted eyes in general are new for me creatively. They are only .5″-.75″ deep. The ones that are listed now would be the prototypes and I would sculpt them for pressed paper mache if I do go ahead with them. I did three different girls, perfect for “Gal Pal” giving, Happy b-day my bff, I (heart) you mom and just a sweet little Rosie.

I finished them just last week, which by the way was my Miss Poo’s Birthday and found out through the family grape vine she did not want folk at for her birthday. Guess I’m still just not cool enough.

They were just listed today, so they’re up on Etsy now, so pop over to the shop and take a peak.


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    Meredith said,

    SO Cool!! πŸ™‚ It’s so hard to keep up with the kiddos these days…I’m just glad that Lil isn’t at the point where she’s too cool for me…yet! The one with the rose looks like one of my girls! Keep up the fabulous work…you are cool to me! πŸ™‚


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