The Orchard at Middleburg

Which by the way was a real place, when we lived in Virginia our property had once be an orchard. So on 25 acres it only had 13 trees that remand. Not the original trees, but still a nice size. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with the land. We had two peach trees, 4 pear trees, two huge sour cherry trees and the rest in apple.

As those of you who know me well, you’ll laugh at my over achievers notion that some how I must save and put right some 5 to 10 years of neglect in one year. So I learned and read everything I could on pruning, I became obsessed with “Does that apple tree have the perfect vase formation yet?” I would talk to Greg’s uncle endlessly about sucker shoots, tree forms, when to prune, how to prune etc.

Mind you, I’m sorta a suburban/Chicago city girl. Who never had land, never worked on the land, except for planting geraniums for my mother every summer and maybe some carrots.

Virginia was beautiful though, picturesque, we had natural ponds, a stone pump-house, the orchard you looked over from the kitchen side of the house and porch, and rolling hills. So in my little head I thought I was going to be Martha Stewart. Well mind you I was also freelancing in Washington DC everyday. So when I was told I’d better get going or I was going to miss the pruning season I jumped in with full force. Starting just on the weekends with my husband’s help, but soon realized that was not enough. So after work I would come home don the boots, the loppers, and the bleach bucket and go at it until dark. I had visions of fruit for canning, jams and jellies, pies and ice creams dancing in my head.

But soon learned of poison ivy, burn piles, cut and scraps. We had so many cuttings they made 4 huge piles. The sour cherry were really the worst they were so big you could barley prune the top and full of branches.

Well when the fruit did come in we had to pick it so fast the deer, birds and others made short work of it. I still have wonderful memories of that orchard, it was my friend many a time. It was quiet, you could think, you were alone in nature. So my recent paintings are a series of those memories and visions of that place and my time in Middleburg.

Currently I have made two sizes of prints from the original painting and note-cards. Each have original quotes on them about Friends and Friendships. I was very pleased with the quality of the prints, they picked up a lot of detail and the canvas of the original paintings. The original painting I think will be auctioned off for a charity event later in the year. I will share where and when as it gets a bit closer.

So pop over to my Etsy shop and see “The Orchards of Middleburg”.


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    The folk art prints are lovely. I liked your blog, green as the orchards. I wish you could post the closeups of the prints. I would love to read the messages on friendship. Thank you.

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