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Brown Rabbit
This is a total sneak peak at a new series I’m working on. Inspired by the love of antique toys. If you ever really look at what children used to play with it was simple, beautiful and required them to interact with the object.

Hence this new series–they are toy objects to interact with, but also make you smile. They are meant to look like something you would find in your great grandmothers attic. Constructed of things that were around the house maybe made by the mother and the father for a gift.

I’ll tell you a secret…there will be horses, dolls and cats to this series. Maybe some Americana too.

But anyway from Middleburg where inspiration is running rampant!
Oh and it’s just listed on etsy so check him out.<a href=’http://


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  1. 1

    sUz said,

    ohhh…I love him! I cannot wait to see more!
    iN jOy,

  2. 2

    Dani said,

    Simply perfect! What a great-fun series this will be. Happy Creating~

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