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The Cardinal House


You know as an artist when you create something truly exceptional, you feel it in your gut. Well I have just completed one and it all comes from a lot of times being called to a window in my Mothers kitchen to look at the cardinals outside. My mother was a true bird lover, we actually had a parrot. A yellow headed amazon named “Billy”, who at the time was nearing 30 when I was a kid. But her true loves were the birds in the yard, peace doves, robins and little sparrows. But the cardinals were king, she would put seed on the fence for them to land and eat in safety from the black birds. On snowy days she would often call me to see them, telling me which were the ladies and which were the gents.

I too have some wonderful cardinals here by my house now. So bright red. I heard a study was done on why the cardinal’s color red differs. The red color is actually affected by their diet and the ones who eat lots of red berries are redder in color. And do we have the trees with the red berry’s here. So I have very bright red cardinals by us.

So now you know my affinity for cardinals, I can tell you how this piece came to be. I was driving along a road to a morning appointment and all of a sudden in-front of my car flew about three or four cardinals swooping and diving around doing loop de loop right in front of the car. They seemed to stay in front of me for at least a quarter of a mile, then off into the trees on the road, as if they had never been there. I looked around and there were no other cars around. It seemed so still all of a sudden.
I take things like this to be little signs from somewhere or I guess we could call it inspiration!

You can see all the specs on “The Cardinal House at my etsy shop


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Look What the Easter Bunny Brought


Wanted to post yesterday but have been under the weather.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s going on at the farmette…
Last week the Easter bunny made a special delivery. Our big beautiful Rex Lop Rabbit Chrysanthemum just had her first litter (and her last). So here is a few pics of mama and the little ones, 7 in all. She is a very good mama and they are getting bigger each day.

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The Daffs are Springing up!


You just have to go over to etsy and see what I posted today. My new Spring Flowers, sorry about the pun. But they are so much fun. Can’t wait to see the real ones in the garden soon.

I also just finished my blue birds who are also very sweet.

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Fox Valley Antiques Show–This Weekend March 8 & 9

Sorry this is so late as the show started today, but it will also be tomorrow, Sunday, March 9th, 10am-4pm. I just came from it with some wonderful treasures.

Here is their link:

If you’re like me, you wander around antique stores on a regular bases only to be disappointed. So let me share with you, this is THE BEST antique show I go to. This is the next best thing to antique shopping on the east coast. The quality of items is amazing, true antiques from 17th and 18th century! Stop bye and see Donna Finegan Antiques–she deals in orginal clothing from 1800’s. True one-of-a-kind peices for display. Her booth is stunning in brown walls and linen clothing!

Also, did I mention this benefits one of my favorite places, Garfield Farm Museum,
So come out and make a day of it tomorrow in St. Charles and Geneva.

My personal restaurant choices:
Breakfast or Brunch (I discovered this and I love it): “Nosh” in Geneva-the best eggs benedict you’ll have, cooked to perfection. Have the pears with your eggs better than potatoes.
630-845-1570, 211 James St Geneva, IL (off of 3rd street) sorta hard to find. But call if you have trouble.

Dinner: FRANCESCA’S BY THE RIVER St. Charles. Fab italian! Dinner only on Sunday.

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In a hop

Brown Rabbit
This is a total sneak peak at a new series I’m working on. Inspired by the love of antique toys. If you ever really look at what children used to play with it was simple, beautiful and required them to interact with the object.

Hence this new series–they are toy objects to interact with, but also make you smile. They are meant to look like something you would find in your great grandmothers attic. Constructed of things that were around the house maybe made by the mother and the father for a gift.

I’ll tell you a secret…there will be horses, dolls and cats to this series. Maybe some Americana too.

But anyway from Middleburg where inspiration is running rampant!
Oh and it’s just listed on etsy so check him out.<a href=’http://

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I’m late, I’m late, For a very important date…

One of my personal favorite rabbit quotes!
some of my favorites

We are so proud to introduce our new series for Spring we’re calling English Rabbit Society. It was fun to pretend and create this 12 piece collection of fanciful hares, lapins, and rabbits through history. Many of my influences come from Edwardian society. Lord and Lady Hare, the founding members–I had a great time sculpting and casting in paper mache. While other fun accessories include Carrot Garland, Society Eggs, Pin Cushion Rabbit, Tea-time Bunny and English Quote Carrots. Pop on over to to see the society in all its regal glory. There’s even a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) piece “What a Fine Hare Box” that I just listed, he was a lot of fun to create in his tails and ridding boots. The collection features lots of monograms and silhouettes. Things to hang on the wall and set on a shelf or find their way to your Easter table.

A Jolly Happy Spring to All!

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