In Honor of 100 Etsy sales!

Just a sample of all the great work!

Ok as of today 101! Yah, and to think when I told my husband a year ago “I think I’m going to join this new site I just heard about, it’s called etsy” And he said “Ok honey what ever you think” Then when the sales started coming he changed his tune. Now with delight I have to thank all my lovely etsy customers form all over the world and here in the US.

So in celebration here is my 100 personal favorites you can find on So take a look at there great shops you’ll be amazed at what beautiful work you’ll find here.

So here goes the biggest shout out to etsy I could think of!

1 I would look at this shop in envy, she gets the most hearts and seems to be in everyones treasury. This shop inspired me from the beginning.
2 Lovely little ladies, oh yes a little gentleman too. My Windlewood friend.
3 her work makes you fall in love with dolls again.
4 This is a shout out to two great artist and people I hope I can call friends.

5 Makes the best rabbits…Ok everything is great! Hey girl friend!
6 some one i just meet but hop I can call her my friend. My folk art and friend.

7 a long time favorite
9 I Luv. Luv, Luv, but I must have an original sculpture
10 I want everything in my life to be pink too!

———Not in the top 10 But the rest are good to——–

12 it has a horse!
21 I prettiest little things she right! and a great blog!
22 The teacups or the bunny’s I can’t decide!
23 stunning beautiful photography
24 pinkmilk .etsy.comgreat artist with a real shop in Ohio now too
26 excellent wood I’ve seen it in person too
31 Tags that have made me stop in my tracks!
32 What fun jewelry that looks like food

Who’s Idea was this? This is a lot of cutting and pasting

36 A lady who paints animals with dignity they way they should be! Luv al the roosters!
37 Just the idea you can buy things from the south of France makes me happy!
39 Paper art with a little attitude
40 modernfront one my first
43 a tag for every holiday, But I like the crow and horses best!
44 I love roosters!
45 beautiful thought provoking mix media
48 Oh my god so much fun and color in one place.
Half way there-This goes down as the longest blog 50
51 Beautiful jewelry you think I like jewelry with all the jewelers I have as favorites
54 anything for this shop honey!
55 Beautiful jewelry and yummy name to. Yes so of use still like marzipan.
58 Vintage stuff at it’s best
59 excellent work with historical twist
60 The coolest angels!
61 the tinyest little things. Hi Germany
62 not your moms, cameos
63 need a switch-plates, they have the cutest!
67 history on shirt
68 it’s Felt, it’s all felt!
69 One of my newest favorite I luv tassels
71 hearts an pears to die for
72 Oh my god I want everything in her shop. Buttons and felt Oh my!
73 stunningly beautiful illustrations
74 Pottery that is fun on steroids
75 One of my latest purchase, It’s my Valentine gift from my hubby.
78 Fabulous pottery
This is a product that every, I mean every artist needs to check out. And a very cleaver boy. Rodents do rock!
81 Keldune a friend of a
83 Any thing with a button is wonderful to me
84 Love the work and the advitar
87 I love anything with a bird! and UK to boot!
93 What art with wire! Make more birds I love them!
100 My newest favorite artist, and a Horses too!

Thank you etsy! I’m ready for the next 100.


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  1. 1

    Ali Walsh said,

    Wow! What a tremendous list…thank you for your kind mention. I’m delighted to see Circa Ceramics in your top ten. We’re headed to ACC Baltimore with them in just a few weeks. They are great people, indeed! You’ve been officially added to our Etsy favorites as well. Cheers…Ali Walsh,

  2. 2

    jenn said,

    ooooooh…what a HUGE honor Susan!! Please, please, please call me your friend:):) So many of my favorites here too…how thrilling to be in such fabulous company! Congratulations on your 100th sale. Hooray for Etsy and for special YOU!!! xoxoxox…jenn (noodle and lou studio)

  3. 3

    Cheryl Dack said,

    WOWZERS! I’m am totally HONORED to be in your top ten! Thanks, Sweets!!! And congrats on your first 100 sales. Quite a milestone!! Here’s to 100 more… hugs, cheryl 🙂

  4. 4

    PAT JONES said,

    Thank you so much for the mention in your blog (THEVELVETRABBIT)
    I feel very honored to have a mention by you who are such a talented artist.
    I wish you every success in your work. You deserve it with your generous heart and incredible talent. I tried your art form in the past and did create some items but never went on with the work. When I see what you can do…I think it is wonderful

  5. 5

    Nancy + Andy said,

    Awesome!!!!! – The first 100 is always such a rush 🙂 Here’s to hundreds more!!!
    And thanks for adding us to your top 100 – That means a lot 😀
    Cheers and congrats!

  6. 6

    Meredith said,

    OKay…I’m saving this post because it has such good stuff in it! I did want to say congratulations though! 🙂 That is HUGE!!!


  7. 7

    Wow!! I am so honored that I made your top five. Thanks so much!! That was so sweet of you to do.

  8. 8

    PickalaPoopa said,

    Thank you so much for including me in this terrific list! Love your work, much success to you in the future as well!

  9. 9

    baconsquarefarm said,

    Congrats on the milestone of 100 sales on etsy~ very exciting~ now wish you continued success in the future as well. Love your style and workmanship.

  10. 10

    Dani said,

    Stumbled on you here today and look….Wow, I am # 39! I am seriously honored as you were one of the 1st shops I hearted on etsy. Your work is inspiring and I appreciate the paper art with an attidude comment…Love me some attitude! Now, I hope one day you will feel the same about my sculptures. Happy Creating~ Thanx a bunch!

  11. 11

    jaivy810 said,

    hey friend!This is a Great Blog!

  12. 12

    The Nester said,

    You like me, you really like me!!!! Thanks for the shout out! HRMB–2000+ hearts?!!
    Well I never!!!

  13. 13

    Gary Borgnis said,

    Great blog and a wonderful variety. Thanks for making Morning Star Design #26!

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