My Dear Old Friend

The mart and me
I’ve just spent the last five days showing at the Mart here in Chicago at
The Beckman’s Handcrafted show. But what’s ironic is this is where my
creative career started as my husband reminded me. Trust me, he really
doesn’t tell me much that I haven’t thought of three weeks before. But I
never gave it much credence until last night at 9:00 p.m. when I was pulling
out from under the Marts loading docks. A fabulous world unto itself,
which behind the scenes Disney has nothing over these guys. Maybe it was
the five days of setting up, lack of sleep, a good meal or standing in
heels, which again I haven’t worn in at least a year. I had a tear in my
eye as I turned the corner and went over the bridge to the east of the
Mart. Remembering running across that walkway as college intern going
to my little job in the Quaker Oats art department where I hand-gelled
slides in glass mounts and thought I hit the big time. Or the last time
tears welled up in my eyes when we were leaving Chicago and moving to
Middleburg, Virginia in 1997. I remember thinking about all the great
restaurants we would not eat at again or the taxis that you could just lift your
hand and get a ride from. But as the tears got heaver and about to break
into a cry, I realized I had come a long way and being here felt good! I felt
at home, great and confident in what I’m doing. And that long journey
I’m taking–all built up to this. So thank you lovely old Merchandise
Mart, I’ll see you again soon, my dear friend.



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