Some Little Boxes Make a Neat Friend

Sometimes you’re just out, doing your thing and you meet some really wonderful people. Well this happened to me this summer when I traveled to Pennsylvania to show in August. I just thought I was going to do a show, well low and behold, I made some new friends, all our fates twisted that weekend, It’s was unbelievably hot, children were bored, and the show was to say, not what we expected.

So as we lingered we talked and talked, we loved each others work, other artists’ are each others best customer’s because we all know how long it takes to do things.

That’s were I meet Barb Kauffman of Hanway Mill House, I spotted her work a mile away. There were so many boxes, I liked them all! The tower of multi colored boxes, the penny rug boxes, and all the wooden tavern signs. Everything was so period, the colors were perfect for a historic look, the boxes looked warn and loved, as for decades. All hand-painted and hand-stenciled by Barb. But then it stood out, a horse, a beautiful silhouette of a horse. If any of you who know me know I love horses, so much so, I can’t even create one myself. But I buy them though, any chance I get. So that one was for sure, then the simple image of a little boy on a teal box, how elegant and then a brown version of the little boy for my friend back home. Then the ivory lady box, I had to stop at three. So I told myself when I get back home I would call and get her as well. So this week I called and ordered her–I can’t wait to have them all displayed together. And ask Barb to sign them, she’s a true artist from a time gone by!

Oh yes if Barb’s little boxes look frimilar to you, you probably just saw them featured in Country Home Magazine-Folk Artist story in August. If you to would like some of Barb’s boxes for yourself please contact her by e-mail: or phone 1-610-593-2797. Hanway Mill House Boxes


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  1. 1

    Tara Sprouse said,

    would like to order some of these little boxes, do you sell the one with the horse and is there one with a cat, maybe? let me know how to order these for Christmas gifts pls asap. thanks!

  2. 2

    Terri DeBono said,

    Please tell me the details of your boxes… sizes, prices. I love them! Perfect
    Christmas gifts. Is there a small brochure you could send me?
    Terri DeBono
    Montere, California

  3. 3

    Terri DeBono said,

    Terri DeBono again.
    My city is Monterey, California. I left off the “y” in my email.
    How do I order?

  4. 4

    Edith Jandro said,

    I would like to buy some of your shaker trinket boxes. Could you pllease send me a price list, and order sheet. I cannot get through to your web site. Thank you. Edith

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