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Going to Country Folk Art Festival

Well this is the start of all the fall and Christmas shows. The big daddy of them all, Country Folk Art Festetival, right here in St. Charles, IL. I’m privilaged to be included in this great group of artist for the second time.

I will be doing some great new Halloween pieces that are frightfuly fun. Also we will be showing some great new Christmas pieces like a Santa in a sleigh pulled by three reindeer, he’s a show stopper.

Here are the details so please come out:

25th Anniversary Show!
Kane County Fall Folk Art Show

Sept. 21, 22, 23, 2007
St Charles, Illinois

Friday, Sept. 21 6 pm – 10 pm
Saturday, Sept. 22 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday, Sept. 23 11 am – 4 pm


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my little hootie

Birds play a huge part of inspiration for me, and I never realized it until I looked around my studio and realized just how many there really are.

I know how some of it started, my mother was a great bird lover. I remember her calling me to the window in the kitchen, over to see a cardinal or robins and a bluejay, it was an extra special treat. We would vacation every year in North Minnesota or Wisconsin and get a cabin that was right on the waters edge, there she would feed the mallard ducks from the window. But when she finally saw a morning dove she was in love. From that day forward she would say “now that’s what I want too come back as.”

So it should be no surprise to me that I love to take in all the birds around my house. Our plethora of trees contributes to do that. But one evening we had a friend visit while we were grilling out. An owl flew back and forth over our grill. Ok, we were grilling chicken, a lot, as we were having people for dinner. After he would fly by a couple of times he would land in a big, dead tree behind my studio then do a fly-by again. This went on for at least 40 mins. It was getting dark and we went to the patio to eat. But we left him a little something on the counter near the grill. Who real knows who ate it, but it was gone in the morning.

We have lived in a variety of rural sittings and hear owls sometimes at night but to see one kinda up close was great fun and the inspiration for my latest owl piece.

Hootie my newest papier mache piece for Halloween!

Anyone in New York can go see & buy them at the American Folk Art Museum Store on 45 West 53rd Street, New York. They will have a flock flying onto their shelves this week. So please go check them out in person at or visit

To this day, I see a pair of morning doves together sitting on a line and I wonder “Mom and Dad?

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