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New Babies on the Farmette

Well I’ve been keeping a secret, we have new babies here at Middleburg. We have adopted three baby Welsumer chickens. Two girls and a boy. I’m sure there is a more formal name for baby chickens, but I just call them baby’s. It’s so nice to start the day with a “good morning babies”. They are free to rome the area between my studio and the bull barn, but seem to be fond of laying on a patch of ivy under the trees. They never go far and never have gone in the studio doors even though they are all open. They look in, I say “Hi”, and the move on.

We have named them, the hens are, Glenda the Good Chicken, Rose (because her head is redder) and Alexander the Great Rooster. He was so hen pecked when we looked at him I had to give him a good name to build his self confidence. None of these hens pick on him.

Oh I have to tell you where we got them, at the Rare Breed Show at Garfield Farm, in LaFox, IL. Check this place out, it’s like stepping back in time when you go out there.

Well that’s all for now–got to go see the babies! Here some pics of the babies, like any new mom I have pics.alexander.jpgglenda.jpg


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